Get Rid Of Belly Fat: 10 Tips

The internet is full of numerous tips and tricks on how to get rid of your belly fat. But unfortunately, this advice does not always work and not for every person. So that you do not have to give up your dream of a flat and beautiful stomach, we have summarized the following for you the 10 best tips to effectively get rid of belly fat.

Our first tip is at the same time also the best and easiest way to get rid of the annoying belly fat. The anti belly fat cream is a guarantee for a slim and beautiful belly. The effectiveness of this cream has been repeatedly proven by studies and our readers have successfully tested the cream. By applying it lightly, lotioning the belly 1-2 times a day, you will get a slim and firm stomach within a short time.

The ingredients of the cream, caffeine, cinnamon, sunflower oil and Fucus Vescilosus algae extract, fight the belly fat, provide greater elasticity of the skin, stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal and act as a fat burner in your body. By combining the different ingredients, you not only lose the unloved belly fat within a short time, but also smooth and tighten your skin at the same time.

Get rid of belly fat by drinking enough

Especially the consumption of cold water makes the belly fat melt. Because the body has to burn a lot of calories to bring the cold water to the temperature of the organism. In addition, the stomach is filled with water in this way, which can prevent food cravings. In this context, it is important to know that hunger and thirst are often very close together.

Do without sugar bombs and alcohol

Many people eat, for example, a small snack, although they are not hungry, but thirsty. It is also recommended to drink a glass of water before each meal. Thus, the water serves as a kind of natural appetite suppressant. So drink a lot on a regular basis and create a great foundation to get rid of the belly fat.

Integrate exercise into everyday life and get rid of belly fat

The excess fatty tissue that has formed in the abdominal area can be broken down by sufficient movement. It is enough to bring a little more exercise into everyday life. Instead of the car or public transport you can take the bike or walk. Also the elevator should be avoided. Instead, you prefer to walk the stairs on foot. And even the unpopular housework can help burn the excess calories.

Belly fat has the positive property that it responds very well to physical activity. Even more effectively, you can get rid of the belly fat with targeted exercises.

Regular meals

Who wants to get rid of the belly fat, like to leave the breakfast. That’s a fatal mistake. By omitting the meal, the glucose level is brought into an imbalance. In this way, the body will not only save more fat reserves, especially in the abdominal fat, at the next meal, but also increases the risk of food cravings.

Regular meals

For this reason, a healthy and balanced breakfast should always be on the agenda. Wholemeal bread, dairy products, fruits, vegetables or oatmeal make a great base for the day.

Do without sugar bombs and alcohol

Sugar is a guarantee for the formation of belly fat. For this reason, especially sugar bombs and foods that contain a lot of sugar should be removed from the diet if you want to get rid of your belly fat in the long term. In addition to sweets, these include soft drinks and energy drinks. These beverages contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Through this, the stomach inflates and the fat can be stored more easily.

The situation is similar with alcohol. Most alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails, are real calorie bombs. A glass of red wine in the evening, however, according to studies, to boost fat burning and at the same time have a positive effect on heart health. The prerequisite in this case, however, is that it really only stays with one glass.

Get rid of the belly fat with superfoods

Include superfoods in the diet to get rid of the belly fat. Special foods not only provide a flat and beautiful stomach, but also help with bloating. Almonds, olive oil, peppermint, licorice, cranberry juice, horse chestnut, citrus or mackerel melt the fat on the belly.

Integrate exercise into everyday life and get rid of belly fat

Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamin E and protein. The ingredients make the almonds full for a long time.

Olive oil is an excellent fat that does not make you fat. This is due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and natural oleic acid helps the body to break down excess belly fat more quickly.

In the case of peppermint, you should especially put on the fresh leaves. So the digestion is boosted and the belly fat can be broken down faster. Tea from the leaves of peppermint can also be drunk several times a day, such as cranberry juice. This also provides the body with plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Liquorice can also be consumed as a tea, stimulating digestion in the body, so you can get rid of your belly fat.

The horse chestnut, however, has a positive effect on a bloated stomach and also has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, kumquats, limes, grapefruit, pomelos, pineapple or blood oranges are not only suitable as part of a balanced breakfast, but are also rich in enzymes that accelerate fat burning. In addition, the body is supplied by these fruits with plenty of vitamin C, which has a lasting effect on the immune system. In addition, this vitamin is needed by our body to produce the hormone norepinephrine. The hormone is involved in fat burning and ensures that the fat is better able to dissolve out of the fat cells.

The high fat content of mackerel is due to the unsaturated fatty acids very good for the body and also promotes fat burning. The contained omega-3 and omega-6 acids also support brain function.


Superfoods can be perfectly integrated into everyday life and you can get rid of even more effective belly fat.

Get rid of belly fat with enough sleep

A healthy and above all sufficient sleep is not only important for the body to regenerate. During sleep, cortisol secretion is prevented. Cortisol is known as a stress hormone and is often referred to as a fattening hormone. Through this hormone, the sugar metabolism is influenced and also fats deposits are favored. In addition, cortisol is responsible for shrinking the muscles to protect the body from an energy shortage.

Get rid of belly fat by drinking enough

If the body gets too little sleep, this energy bottleneck occurs. Every person has a different need for sleep. However, six to eight hours of sleep per night is recommended. In addition to the duration of sleep, the sleep rhythm also plays a crucial role. This should be continuous and means that you should sleep and get up at about the same time each day. This routine is very important for the organism and burning of the belly fat.

Eat slowly and consciously

When designing your meals you should make sure that you eat at regular times. This will avoid carelessly eating calories. In addition, you should also eat slowly and, above all, chew well. By eating slowly and carefully, you will eat less, which will keep you full for longer. It takes about 20 minutes for our body to absorb the information that we are full.

Simply eating more and above all more intensively with food intake can mean that you get rid of your belly fat faster.

You should also pay attention to the calories during your meals. Only eat meat with low fat content, such as chicken or turkey. Finished products should always be removed from the menu. In these there is a lot of sugar that forms directly new belly fat. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives instead. Instead of ketchup you can mix tomato paste with soy sauce and herbs. And even the beloved chips in the evening can be replaced by healthier and, above all, low-calorie apple chips or vegetable chips. Fast food is also a guarantee for even more love handles on the stomach. Burger and Co. are rich in calories and sugar and also cause a short time after consumption again cravings, as this is only empty calories. To be able to get rid of the belly fat, this diet should therefore definitely be dispensed with. A very good way to consciously and above all to feed healthy, offers the Mediterranean cuisine: lots of fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil. Pay particular attention to a protein-rich food – that’s enough for a long time.

Eating consciously also means that you only eat when you are hungry. The over-saturation of our society can make this a little difficult. Accordingly, it can take a little time to find out when you are hungry and full. Never eat when you are bored, because you are having a break or because there is something to eat. Only eat if you are really hungry.