With These 13 Tips You Lose Your Lower Abdominal Fat

Hip gold, swimming ring or Mon Cheri belt – whatever charming terms we think up for our bacon rolls, they are just annoying. But as fast as the lower abdominal fat develops, it can also be reduced as quickly. How it goes? With these 13 tips.

1. Longer sleep reduces bacon rolls

During sleep the body burns a lot of fat. This means that who sleeps much, decreases more. Seven to nine hours a night are considered ideal.

2. Big break between supper and night’s sleep

Try not to take the last meal of the day just before going to bed. The longer you stay awake after eating, the more fat reserves your body will attack during the night. If you grow up with a growling stomach, the gap between supper and bedtime is guaranteed to be big enough.

Drink lots of pounds

3. Drink lots of pounds

Two to three liters of fluid per day should be targeted as a goal to boost your metabolism. Only an active metabolism attacks the flab.

4. Miracle drug Vitamin C against lifebuoys

Vitamin C is an ingenious fat killer. It not only stimulates your metabolism but also facilitates the absorption of iron in the blood. This, in turn, is important for oxygen transport because your body needs plenty of oxygen to lose fat.

As a study from the University of Arizona revealed, vitamin C can increase fat burning by up to 33 percent. There are two more reasons for this. For example, the body needs the growth hormone HGH for fat burning at night, which can only be produced if the vitamin is sufficiently supplied. The hormone norepinephrine, which is produced in the adrenal gland and supports fat loss, also requires vitamin C.

5. Minerals and trace elements combat pancetta

Not only vitamins, nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, chromium and manganese are important for stimulating the metabolism and thus for fat loss. Pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. Tomatoes, for example, contain a lot of chromium and that’s what your body needs to break down sugar. How about a tomato salad tonight?

Big break between supper and night's sleep

6. Lead log helps with weight loss

Who controls his eating and drinking behavior, avoids an excessive calorie intake. Regularly maintaining a nutritional record is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods. Note down your daily meals and you will notice how your head prevents your belly from unnecessarily large portions.

7. Regular meals prevent cravings

Similar eating times also promote fat loss. The reason for this is that by regular meals strong blood sugar fluctuations are avoided and as a result, especially for the belly fat dangerous food cravings fail.

Miracle drug Vitamin C against lifebuoys

8. Sufficient breakfast helps to lose weight

The day should start with a healthy breakfast. Ideal are long-filling, but healthy foods such as cottage cheese with fruit or a wholegrain cereal. Anyone who leaves the house hungry in the morning risks already becoming weak at the bakery at the next corner and getting too fatty a particle.

9. Every day a quarter of an hour’s movement against hip gold

All sports mufflers are said that 15 minutes of physical activity per day help to put the belly fat permanently to body. You do not have to lace your sports shoes or run to the gym. Suffice it to take the stairs more often than the elevator and to distribute exhausting work in the household or garden more evenly. Cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, vacuuming, wiping the floor are all wonderful fat killers. It is also clean and tidy afterwards.

Minerals and trace elements combat pancetta

10. Bike instead of driving a car

Bicycling is just as good for your metabolism as jogging or swimming and also saves a lot on fuel costs. With a nice bike basket or cool saddlebags even the purchase of the bike is fun.

11. Disarm stressors, get rid of belly fat

It’s easy to say, and yet it’s hard: Avoiding stress helps tremendously in breaking down the lower abdominal fat. Try to defuse your biggest stress factors as much as possible. Despite full sugar and fat stores, your body constantly demands more calories under constant stress.

Longer sleep reduces bacon rolls

12. Avoid hunger

Starving makes the stomach flatten only very briefly. Unfortunately, your body realizes that the fat stores are not sufficient to supply it in times of need. At the next best opportunity (some feast with a buffet is guaranteed) he builds up more fat cells for safety’s sake – first on the stomach.

13. Abdominal training for Lazy

Even a soft bed is a suitable place for abdominal exercises. Just lie on your back and move your upper body towards your knee. The more often you do that, the more it tweaks in the stomach and you will noticeably shatter your unloved fat cells. Incidentally, this also works sitting on the chair. Slide forward on the edge of the chair and lift both feet off the floor at the same time.