With These Professional Tips, You Will Succeed In The Perfect Beach Waves – For Every Hair Type

Beach Waves are the epitome of summer hair. A tatter of sea salt ruffles the memories of a beach day – even if you hardly leave your office. However, the seemingly effortlessly created hairstyle can be surprisingly labor intensive – especially if your natural hair texture has something else entirely in mind.

According to Coby Alcantar, hairstylist and owner of the Little Ax salon in Brooklyn, New York, it is about doing so few, but strategic intervention. This is easier than ever, because too perfect waves are getting more and more out of fashion. “You wanted to get a wet looking, firmer look in the early ’00s, and then you got the curling iron on hand,” says Alcantar, “Today the waves look a lot more subtle and a bit messier, so anyone can manage it.”


Here’s our ultimate guide on how to create enviable beach waves, regardless of your hair type.

For fine hair, it is best to first apply some special product for Beach Waves. “It’s important to strategically place the product on fine hair and use only half of the usual amount,” says Alcantar. “Otherwise you’ll complain the hair too much.” Spray a moisturizing base product (for example, Bumble and Bumble) from the base to the tips of the slightly damp, towel-dried hair. Then apply a small amount, such as two pump strokes, of your salt spray or texturizing lotion to the hair lengths and knead it in. “And only in the loosely falling area from your lips to the collarbone,” explains Alcantar. “For subtle waves, this is the only area that needs to be treated.”

“Fine hair can help rub your hair a bit dry, lifting hair away from the scalp and giving it more volume,” says Alcantar. Once the hair is about 30 percent wet, knead it again and stick it in two loose buns behind the ears or braid a loose braid from the middle section. Let the hair dry in the air or blow-dry directly into the dumplings to dry slightly faster on a low heat. If necessary, a little more product can be applied for even more volume.

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With curls or natural waves, it is important, according to Alcantar, to pull the hair strands long, instead of kneading them. “Pull the waves down and massage the product into the hair for a sophisticated and intended look,” she says. Again, you start with wet, towel-dry hair that is dusted from the beginning to the tips and then applied to the then about four pump surges product. Run your fingers through your hair and pull the curls long until they curl slightly less. Dry them best in the air, but you can also dry carefully with medium heat and medium air flow with the hair dryer.

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“You should use the same procedure as with fine hair, but use a slightly stronger product,” advises Alcantar, as thicker hair can be harder to style. “Straight hair needs a bit more support as it does not naturally curl.” Use a stronger mousse, such as Oribe’s Surfcomber, which can help persistent waves even on stubborn hair. Even a slight use of the curling iron can work wonders: Alcantar recommends winding only the middle part of a few strands of hair around a barrel curling iron for loose waves and then pulling it for a long time. “This peps up the existing look a bit,” she says. “A kind of quick fix.”



Alcantar recommends applying moisturizer or hair oil to curly or curling hair before applying a salt spray to soften it. “In addition, you have to use twice the amount of product, about four pump strokes plus another for the vertex,” she says. “They need more moisture and more hold.” Apply the majority to the middle portion of the hair and only a small amount to the top and the hairline and let the hair dry in the air. “By blow-drying the hair is often to be fluffed up and get more volume, which is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve here,” says Alcantar. So keep it slow – with a bit of patience you will achieve the perfect beach waves.

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