The Ten Best Home Remedies From The Kitchen

You can eat quark. Or to cure your tired eyes. You can season your potatoes with salt. Or fight your cold. At least for smaller health problems, foods are ideal as a first aid application. EAT SMARTER introduces ten typical foods from the kitchen and reveals the symptoms they can help with.

Here are our Top best home remedies for minor ailments:

Top Best Home Remedies: Quark

Quark cools and helps with some complaints. For example with tired eyes or “barley grains”. Stir two tablespoons of roomy cottage cheese with some milk and spread the paste in a gauze compress. Alternatively, you can use an eye pad that is used for make-up removal. Put the compress on closed eyes for ten minutes. For sore throats, coat a damp linen or tea towel with quark. He should just come straight from the fridge. Put the cloth around your neck and wrap another towel around it. Let the mixture work for a few hours.

Top Best Home Remedies

Top Best Home Remedies: Salt

The spice can be found not only in every household, but also in many remedies for sore throat or stuffy noses. The reason: Dissolved salt supports the healing process in inflammation of the throat, nose and throat. And many of these remedies are easy to make themselves. For small sores in the mouth, take a teaspoon of sea salt, dissolve it in a cup of hot water and let it cool down. Then stir the liquid again, then rinse your mouth. You can calmly gargle. If your nose is clogged or your nasal oils are inflamed, the remedy is: Dissolve two tablespoons of salt in one liter of hot water and inhale the brine vapor over your nose. If necessary, repeat this several times. If you want to fight his cold effectively, try a nasal irrigation. Not everyone likes that, but it helps a lot. Take lukewarm water, mix it with sea salt and fill it into the hollow hand. Now suck in the solution through both nostrils, then let the water run out again. But be careful not to take too much salt. Otherwise, it can burn in the nose.

Top Best Home Remedies: Lemon

Sure, a lemon can taste pretty sour. But the fruit can also help, though you will not bite into it. In bronchitis, for example, a chest wrap can relieve cramps and reduce coughing. Soak a cotton cloth in lemon juice, place it on the chest and wrap a towel around it. Let it work for 15 to 20 minutes.

The ten best home remedies from the kitchen

Top Best Home Remedies: Honey

In natural medicine, honey has long been used in inflammation. He has a strong antibacterial effect. However, not all honey from the supermarket is suitable for use against inflammation, the quality varies too much. If you want to be on the safe side, should fall back in external applications on so-called Medihoney. This medicinal honey is free from unwanted residues. In case of injury you can thinly apply the honey to the clean wound and then apply a bandage. In addition, the honey can help against herpes. An onion-honey-syrup helps against cough: cut an onion into small pieces and warm with honey. A teaspoon of the sude helps against cough attacks. Instead of onions you can also take sage leaves.

Top Best Home Remedies: Coffee

Even the classic awake helps with many complaints. A heavily brewed cup of coffee or an espresso dispels concentration problems and tiredness headaches. In addition, two to three cups a day should reduce the risk of gallstones.

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Top best home remedies: sesame oil

The oil is an essential ingredient in Asian cuisine. In addition, it can also be applied externally for skin care. Rub dry skin with sesame oil and leave to soak. It can also help with dry nasal mucous membranes. Rub the nose inside walls.

Top Best Home Remedies: Savoy cabbage

Cabbage rolls have a long tradition as home remedies. Meanwhile, they are also recommended by school doctors. The leaves of savoy cabbage are suitable, for example, for joint pain. Remove the middle rib and lay the leaves flat on a chopping board. Then roll over the leaves with a rolling pin until the juice comes out. Now lay the leaves on the swollen or sore joint and wrap the dressing around it.

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Top Best Home Remedies: Avocados

The fruits are an ideal care for dry skin, for example for the rough places on elbows or knees. Take the shells of the avocado, drizzle in a little lemon and rub in the affected areas.

Top Best Home Remedies: Vinegar

The acidic seasoning is a true panacea for many different ailments. The vinegar is applied externally and internally. Those who often suffer from heartburn and belching can prevent it with a vinegar drink. Prepare a small glass in the morning before breakfast. Mix in three equal parts apple cider vinegar, honey and water to drink the liquid. In bruising, envelopes may cool with vinegar water, reducing swelling. Mix 100 milliliters of cold water with 50 milliliters of vinegar. Soak a cloth in the mixture and place on the hematoma.

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Top Best Home Remedies: Rosemary

The delicious herb has a stimulating aroma, but not only that: rosemary was chosen as the medicinal plant in 2011. It helps with sore muscles and promotes better blood circulation. To do this, rub the areas with rosemary oil. It’s best to have this always in stock. Pour some sprigs of olive oil over and let them drain for about six weeks. Then you only have to run the oil through a sieve. Also the digestion should help rosemary.