Home Remedies For Common Cold – Useful Helpers From Kitchen And Nature

Can home remedies really help with colds?

Home remedies relieve symptoms of cold and can subside the symptoms faster – miracle weapons against the actual illness are not. In addition, home remedies have their limits, for example, if it is not a slight flu infection, but a more serious infection.

You should therefore consult a doctor if the symptoms last more than a week, fever occurs and very strong cough or pain is added. Even if people with impaired immune systems, the elderly, infants or toddlers are affected, the visit to a doctor is advised at an early stage.

Investigations can then also determine whether it is really a simple cold or another infection that may need to be treated with medication.

Well-tried and traditional home remedies for colds

Juniper cough syrup

The essential oils in the juniper berries have a soothing effect on the respiratory organs, especially on the bronchi. In addition, they reduce a renewed slime formation and facilitate coughing. For this reason, the oils are also often used for inhalations or as a bath additive.

onion cough syrup

The juniper syrup is quite easy to make yourself and you need water (400ml), honey and of course juniper berries (100 grams).

For do-it-yourself:

The berries are doused with 400ml of boiling water and covered. This infusion is now allowed to pull overnight. The next day, the juniper water is filtered through a sieve and boiled once more, forming a proper brew. Finally, you can sweeten the broth with honey.

Dosage: Adults take about 4 tablespoons daily with cough, children max. 2 tablespoons

onion cough syrup

One of the oldest and most tried-and-tested home remedies for coughs is the onion-curvy juice. Many will think now – Yuck onion, how can you just drink something like that. However, one must know that the onion has many health benefits. For example, it is rich in vitamin C and has an antibacterial effect.

For do-it-yourself:

You need:

  • 250 ml of water
  • 250 g candy sugar
  • 1 big onion

Nasal rinse with salt water

First, the onion is cut into small cubes and put into a saucepan together with the water and the sugar. The whole is brought to a boil and then simmer for about 15 minutes with the lid closed.

Then the boiled liquid is filtered through a sieve and filled into glasses or a bottle. Now let it cool and it is operational. You can take the finished cough syrup several times a day (1 tablespoon).

The only problem: Since no preservatives were added, the onion juice is only stable for about 3 days.

Essential oils for colds

The most varied of essential oils have a soothing effect on a common cold. Many of them have an antibacterial effect, clear the nasal passages, or help clear the airway of stuck mucus. Traditionally, the oils are versatile such as e.g. in the form of inhalations, bath salts, in ointments or for gargling. However, not only the essential oil must be used, herbal teas own this just as well.

It is important to note here that an inhalation with teas last well 10 minutes and may be repeated several times a day even in the acute stage. For essential oils it looks a bit different and depending on the dosage, the duration of inhalation should be shortened.

And very important !!!

home remedies for colds

Use treatments with pure essential oils only in children from the age of 3 years.

Here are a few essential oils and their effects:

  • chamomile
  • Fighter
  • eucalyptus
  • peppermint

Already the freshness of peppermint is associated with deep breathing and this effect makes the herb even with colds to a useful home remedy. In addition, the liberating effect does not relate solely to breathing.

Rubbed on the temples peppermint oil acts against headache, in the inhalation solution given nose and throat treated at the same time, as a gargle solution, the oil helps against sore throat and you can even use it as a cold ointment. For this purpose, the oil is mixed with Vaseline and applied to the chest, back and neck. This can of course also be drunk mint tea or this can be sucked as ice.

A few drops in lukewarm water are wonderful as a gargle solution for sore throat and irritated mucous membranes. In hot water, on the other hand, tea tree oil is a good supplement to inhalation.

Tip: Blended with petroleum jelly, the tea tree oil gives an aromatic ointment, which can provide for free airways on the chest, neck and back

Nasal rinse with salt water

Well-tried and no worse than its colleagues in the drugstore is the classic saltwater rinsing. Conventional nasal sprays with medicinal substances, yes have the problem that you can slip into heavy dependence on a dependency. For this reason, it is always advisable to first put on the natural and gentle method. The salt water has a disinfecting and expectorant effect and is therefore ideal for colds.

Gargling in case of ache

For do-it-yourself:

Mix about one pinch of salt with about 200 ml of warm water. Then add the salt water either in a commercially available nasal douche or just something in the hollow hand. Now the mixture is given individually in each nostril.

Home remedies for a cold: headache

With peppermint for headache: This home remedy already knew the ancient Romans. Even today, mint oil is still a popular alternative to the tablet. Just put a few drops of peppermint oil on your fingers and then rub on forehead and temples. After just a few minutes, you will often notice a relief of the symptoms. The reason for the great effect in the mint oil is the contained menthol. The menthol arouses the cold receptors, has an anesthetic effect and inhibits the pain mediators serotonin and substance P. One exception is there after all. In migraine, the mint oil is unfortunately useless.

Home remedies for a cold: earache

For earache belongs an old acquaintance in the proven list of home remedies – The onion. The onion is packed with great ingredients, e.g. Natural antibiotics, the so-called allines, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and help relieve pain.

For do-it-yourself:

In order to make use of the ingredients of the onion, the onions must be minced and briefly heated (otherwise the essential oils will not leak). Then the onion pieces are wrapped in a clean cotton cloth and fixed on the ear with the help of a cap or a headband.

Essential oils for colds

Home remedies for a cold: sore throat

potato wrap

Potatoes are more effective than any hot water bottle because they can store the heat for a very long time and release it continuously. This promotes blood circulation and helps especially with sore throats.

For do-it-yourself:

Approximately Cook 5 potatoes (with shell), then wrap in a dishcloth. Next, the potatoes are crushed with a rolling pin and the packet, with the porridge inside, is wrapped around the neck. The wraps can hold the heat for about 2 hours.

Already pastor Kneipp was known as the most is a big fan of diapers. And especially the so-called Prie├čnitz-Halzwickel is suitable for alleviating the symptoms. This traditional home remedy has long been proven in medicine and is still often used successfully for sore throats.

For do-it-yourself:

Required material

  • 1 inner cloth (neck width);
  • 1 intermediate sheet;
  • 1 outer cloth (woolen scarf);
  • 1 bowl of cold water (10-18 ┬░ C).
  • execution

Wring out the moist inner cloth well and put it around the neck, avoiding the spine. Wrap the intermediate and outer fabric over it.

In acute inflammation about 30 minutes, otherwise leave several hours. After removing the wet wrap protect the neck area from the cold.

Gargling in case of ache

If it scratches and hurts in the neck, the nose is blocked and at the same time running, the gargling can provide for faster recovery. On the one hand, the home remedy stimulates the blood circulation and so relieves pain, while the self-healing powers are strengthened. On the other hand, when gargling, mucus is dissolved and germs are rinsed off.

As a home remedy for colds, the gurgle is so multiple and not just for sore throat. Even gargling with water can bring relief, but even better:

Tea infusions: As a gargle solution, the tea infusion may be stronger and should last at least 20 minutes. Chamomile, fennel, sage, ribwort and mint are suitable.

Essential Oils: Drops of tea tree oil and peppermint oil into a glass of water are a quick and efficient solution to gargling.

Salt: Salt works several times against colds. When combined with water, it moisturizes the mucous membranes, protects them and so relieves irritation. In addition, salt can denature proteins and therefore has a killing effect on germs. For gargling, a finished, 0.9 percent saline solution from the pharmacy or a self-made solution of water and Emser salt or simple saline can be used.

Mouthwash: Mouthwash or mouthwash are indeed designed for the health of teeth and gums, but also has a germ-killing and circulation-promoting in the throat.